XBot Automation
The most powerfull and affordable tool for solving routine tasks of internet automation
What can you do with XBot
Parse content from any web-site
Make autoregistrators of any accounts, domains, tools, services, etc.
Test web-sites for resiliency
Make bots for everything, that human can do in browser
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XBot Automation System
Why XBot is better than other programs
There is FREE version
Paid licenses are much cheaper than competitors' prices
Possibility to create complex user interfaces for your scripts
XBot supports eight captcha-solver services right out of the box
Embedded proxy parser and checker
Free subscription for XBot Proxies for lifetime
Embedded Tor support
Huge number of in-built functions
Real multithreading
A lot of free and paid scripts
Maximal openness
...and a lot more!

Start today
All paid versions have the same and maximal functionality. The only limitation is number of computers for single license. If you plan to change one or several computers, you don't need tu purchase new license: XBot has the option to unlink license from computers. See details in F.A.Q.
License for 1 PC
License for 3 PCs
saving 16%
License for 5 PCs
saving 24%
License for 10 PCs
saving 36%
License for 50 PCs
saving 72%

-- OR --
Free version is almost not limited in functionality, you can still create complex bots, but you cannot create multithreaded scripts or use anonymity features (Proxy/Tor). You also can't use free version for commercial purposes.
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Why are the prices significantly lower than the competitors' ones? Does the program have any hidden flaws?
No, quite the opposite. We are new at the market and we would like to make as much impression on our clients as possible. Moreover, we are planning to earn mainly from selling Xbot modules, not the Xbot itself.
Why is there no support of Windows XP? Will it be added in future?
Windows XP is not and never will be supported. This operating system was released in 2001, it's totally out of date and the version of IE that can be installed is not higher than 8. Moreover, interest in this OS is rapidly falling down and soon no one will need its support just as now no one needs support of Windows 98. That's why we decided to use our resources for improving performance in current Windows operating systems and save time on maintaining old ones.
What's the maximal number of threads I can start simultaneously in Xbot?
Any version (except free) has no limit of threads. Probably the only limit is performance of your PC.
Are there any versions for Mac/Linux?
No, but Xbot works perfectly on virtual machine.
What are the system requirements?
Xbot will work on any computer, which can properly run Windows 7/8/10.
I turn on IE11 in settings but web sites keep seeing it as an older version. Why isn't this function working?
Xbot can emulate any version of IE starting with 7 up to the one installed on your PC. Obviously, you have to update IE at the Microsoft's official web site. Also, keep in mind that after changing the version of IE in settings, changes will apply only to newly created threads.
Why is there no visual editor like in %program_name%?
Because originally Xbot is made for complicated solutions. For the same reason, you will never find a serious visual programming language. However, in order not to complicate newbies' lives, we chose PascalScript, which is the easiest one to learn, as the scripting language. If all of your tasks can be solved by Drag'n'Drop, than maybe you really should consider buying another program.
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